The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Interpretation- Illustration of the Written Breed Standard (Digital)


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About the Book

Most kennel clubs around the world follow the official (UK) Kennel Club breed standard or they have simply adopted the Kennel Club standard verbatim, and they call it their own. The original AKC (US) breed standard was a direct adoption of the UK standard at that time, but it was later significantly changed. The current AKC version differs in the order in which the “components” are discussed and also in a few passages that are unique to the AKC version. This presentation will follow the sequence of the Kennel Club breed standard and will make mention of the differences in language and descriptions of “ideal” noting extensions, omissions, and discrepancies where then they occur within the AKC standard.

The Stafford Knot, Inc is a non profit organization made up of volunteers from around the world. The Stafford Knot, Inc. promotes health testing in the breed, provides educational materials including a free online magazine and benefits Stafford rescue worldwide. While we may not all agree on everything written inside of this book, we can all agree that the more information provided about pure breed dogs the better. This book is a conglomeration of materials which are credited on the last page of the book.


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