Canine Ultrasound Pregnancy Confirmation

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Thank you to Hamby Road Animal Hospital and Dr. Bob Stawicki, DVM, MS for helping us produce this informative video showing ultrasound pregnancy confirmation on a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Full health testing was performed prior to surgery including Brucellosis, full blood panel, reproductive consultation and all breed specific and OFA Read more…

Fertility Evaluation in the Stud Dog

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A complete fertility evaluation in the male involves history, physical examination, libido determination, semen collection and evaluation, hormonal evaluation, and prostatic examination. The initial database should include a detailed history, a complete physical examination, complete blood count, serum chemistry and urinalysis. History should include travel, diet, past or current illnesses, medications, vaccinations, deworming history and prior laboratory tests. Details of breeding history should be obtained, including the dates of all known matings, type of breeding (natural vs. AI – vaginal, transcervical or surgical; fresh, chilled or frozen semen) and the results of these matings (including pregnancy rates and litter size). Breeding management of each bitch should also be described.