Tips & Tricks – part 1 – Seedling Mat Usage

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Please enjoy this short video – part one of our Tips & Tricks series for breeders.
This video explains how to use a seedling mat like you purchase at a plant nursery to keep puppies warm. Seedling mats are perfect – they have a thermostat and you can control the temperature very easily. We show using it for newborns in a ‘warming drawer’ which is a safe and easy alternative to a warming basket or box. Use this when cleaning the whelping box or anytime you need them someplace warm and safe. Be sure to roll a towel and place in the back to fill the gap. We also use the mat inside oof crates in the weaning pen to take the chill out on colder days. This is a much safer alternative to floor heaters which can make the wire of the crate too hot and some can be a hazard. Be sure to wrap the mat well and get all wires to the outside of the crate and pen.

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