"I have known these two gents since the early seventies/ eighties. During that time we became great friends and much more, fierce competitive exhibitors for many years. Both, most knowledgeable Stafford men who were always around to impart their useful knowledge gained during decades of Stafford involvement. It was a sad day at Jim's departure, at the present day when meeting Malc' reminds me so much of those unforgettable years. " ---Norman… For several years I have attended the famous AKC terrier only performance week in Kimberton PA with my American Staffordshire Terrier. The week is comprised of 4 days of agility, 1 day of rally, and 1 day of obedience. My first encounter with a Stafford was not at this event, but attending this event year...The Scapula (shoulder blade ) muscle configuration is somewhat complicated and all we have to remember that correct angulation and layback of shoulder ensures the muscles are of the correct structure, e.g. short upper arm and upright scapula leads to bunchy shoulder musculature. The scapula is sandwiched at the top by two muscles: the trapezius...Admitting that what one owns or has bred may have faults is difficult for most people. Also at fault is the huge financial and emotional investment that breeders have in their dogs. Discovering that there may be defects in the sires and dams that breeders have so much of themselves invested in becomes frightening and...found to be, what became known as Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Those of you fortunate enough to possess pre-war Kennel Gazettes can see Sir Richard Glyns coloured Bull Terriers, and will note their distinct similarity with Staffordshire Bull Terriers. The fact that 'downface' in Bull Terriers did not exist at that time added to the similarity....A lot of emphasis has been made on how to achieve the perfect blend and balance of the Bull and Terrier to produce the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. It occurred to us that a very important key bit of information was missing. When we say we strive for an equal blend of Bull and Terrier, are..."We need to always be looking towards the blend of the bull and terrier type. We need to be able to look at the whole dog and see his virtues. We should view all dogs from a distance, assess them against the standard and judge them as examples of their breed. We must beware …”
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