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Our new books (Interpretation and Illustration of the Written Breed Standard - A comparative discussion - UK & USA) have been published for 3-4 months and have been a tremendous hit! The eBook has especially been popular as people realize how simple it is to have a copy handy on tablets and phones to take with them anywhere they go. This is also a terrific tool for those judging or studying to become a judge. We also have another big exciting project in the works for those interested in learning more about the breed. We put out a poll not long ago on our FB page asking if you were interested in a new mentoring program and it seems as if you are! Stay tuned for this new project which is being developed right… Mats at indoor shows are usually provided. These are for your dog's assistance by allowing more stability and grip to the floor surface. Take cognisance of the fact it is dog which should be taking advantage of the mat and not the handler. Much to my amusement have seen this little indiscretion applied many times...Due to its great popularity over the last twenty odd years or so, the 'stafford' has become one of the most competitive breeds to exhibit. With an im to improving your chances in the ring, consideration should be applied to two requirements. Firstly, your dog must attain a standard of breed acceptability and you ...When people refer to the top line they mean the vertebrae of the spinal column from the base of the neck to the beginning of the tail. When judge’s critique’s mention that a particular dog has a level top line, they don’t, or at least shouldn’t mean a perfectly level one as this would be......of recording Staffordshire Bull terrier strains and pedigrees based on the ‘Line and Family’ method has been exhaustively covered by Mr. H.N. Beilby, of Bromsgrove, whose outstanding services to our breed I have referred to in Chapter II. His findings are published in great detail in the second (1948) edition of The Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
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