I am sitting at Karyn’s desk, drinking a Sammy Adams Summer Ale and eating chips. Yep, I am at Karyn’s and not drinking a Margarita! Just how weird is that? But I have to be honest ~ I don’t know how to make one because she always made them for me! There have been requests......all started for Clare in the early 40’s when her father, ‘Nap’ Cairns, having lost his Airedale in a road accident, did his research, as one should, and found a smooth coated, low maintenance breed in the Sta"ordshire Bull Terrier, and acquired a juvenile from a soldier o" to war, registered as Chainmakers Fiery KateThe intelligent Frank was the friendliest of dogs, a true gentleman of the breed, but a true Stafford when the need arose. From 2006 to 2011 Ch. Carnig Positive Profile was the top Stafford Stud dog. Six years running; an incredible feat. Also in 2011 he was top terrier stud dog...Trilby was the oldest Stafford I have ever had in the thirty six years that I have been lucky enough to own the breed. She was the last of my dogs to be directly descended from Staffords I bred and showed years ago but she was never destined for the show ring, although, on the...Most of all our senior dogs can’t be topped for being our constant companions. They have spent their lifetime learning our ways, never judging, never abandoning us. Teaching us patience and tolerance, love and joy. Burrowing their little paw prints further into our hearts, never letting go. They take us humans for what we are....Dooee loves puppies and has helped raised all the Kimbastaff litters over the years, as we are no longer breeding and Dooee heads into his twilight years he is now instrumental in the rehabilitation of many of the rescues that we take in teaching them manners and general Stafford behaviour. The years have been good...As the first anniversary of his death approaches I now feel that I can share what an extraordinary dog Alf was during his lifetime.! My journey Alf began two years before his birth. I was visiting with friends at a dog show in Northern California when my friend’s daughter approaches with this small Am Staff.
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