Does your club need funding?

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Let The Shops at TSK help with your next fundraiser

The Shops at TSK is set up to help raise money for whatever need arises. Currently most items in the shop are funding the TSK rescue account. Also we are working with The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of America to help them raise money for their huge 4 day event in Louisville, Kentucky in March. All items with the SBTCA logo or show theme logos help to pay for those shows and surrounding events through their show chair. TSK does all of the work, pays all the bills and sends SBTCA show chair one Venmo payment at the end of their fundraiser which includes profit from those sales. TSK can help your club in the same manner – we can pay at the end of a campaign, or we can pay you monthly – your choice!

The biggest advantage to allowing us to host your merchandise fundraiser is that you put up ZERO money for product. We ask for a one time set up fee to cover our technical set up time and we can offer design services for a fee as well. After that we send you 80% of the profit. The other percentage helps us keep our lights on so we are here for you 24/7. We also handle any misprints or incorrect item re-orders for you as well.

Our many print providers do the shipping for you and they carry your products which are digitally printed to order. This results in your club never ending up with leftover product, not having to pre-guess sizes needed, you get a huge variety of sizes and colors and styles – and you can offer your logo on multiple products! Our vendors update product all the time so we are able to offer your followers a nice variety of merchandise.

TSK will work with you to create a plan that works for you! Contact today to begin!