Stafford of the Year commenced after all judging had been completed the judges were in place and dogs came in three at a time and each of the judges went over each dog. Once all the dogs had been in the ring they all came back in for a final line up and the judges...Black and tan is not actually a colour, it is a pattern. The gene which creates the black and tan coat determines the pattern that the colours take up, not the actual colours themselves. Whatever colour ,or combination of colours, a dog inherits from its parents, it can still have the “black and tan” pattern....Seeing virtue in others is a difficult task because I think we have been programmed to criticize. I am not sure why, maybe it is our own insecurities leaking out. I learned a lesson from a respected Judge and breeder many years ago and it has changed the way I see other dogs and in...It was an honor to be asked to judge both of these assignments, as it has been so many great shows here in the US. There are some differences when you get asked to judge an assignment abroad. You should do your diligence and learn the process that they are used to doing at ...The creation of a fine brood bitch must begin generations before the day she first whelps. Not only must she come from stock notable for beauty of form and movement, and stability of temperament ideal for her breed, but there should be also behind her generations of dams granddams who whelped easily, normally, and who...Symmetry is “balanced proportions.” It brings something into a pleasing arrangement. Dog judges with an “eye” see the dog as a whole. “Filling the eye” means no one thing out of place. Therefore, when the eye is drawn to a particular part of any animal such as rear, coat, front, or head, it usually incorrect…documented; suffice to say that straight stifles are undesirable and produce the all too common stilted action and invariably are a cause of knee and hip joint problems. Over angulation is also detrimental and places undue stress on the knee and hock joints, and results in the ‘bobbing up and down’ action and ‘crabbing’ movement....The easiest way to explain this is to compare the Stafford hock to that of a rabbit. A rabbit must have an overlong hock because it must be able to quickly and purposefully get away from its prey. It does so by a very long and quick hopping motion so that it removes itself from...The Ostrich Syndrome can damage dogs in a number of ways. The ignorance, denial and fear it fosters in breeders can prevent genetic diseases from being identified and studied early enough to keep them from becoming widespread. Breeds which develop a reputation for being disease-ridden risk rejection by the public - including that part of...Sideways, the foreface is about as deep ast is wide. This type of head, with a good stop and set with neat rose ears, is the ideal. It can be quick to punish, with ease of movement. The circumference of skull should be about the approximate height at the shoulder. This should also coincide …”
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