Exciting times lie ahead . . .

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Exciting times lie ahead for Staffordshire Bull Terrier enthusiasts worldwide. Not only is the team at TSK busy year round gathering articles, interesting interviews, gathering historical data and photos for our followers, but now we can also be followed on Twitter and Instagram as well. Those signed up for our publication get first notice when new issues and special editions are uploaded.

Our new books (Interpretation and Illustration of the Written Breed Standard – A comparative discussion – UK & USA) have been published for 3-4 months and have been a tremendous hit! The eBook has especially been popular as people realize how simple it is to have a copy handy on tablets and phones to take with them anywhere they go. This is also a terrific tool for those judging or studying to become a judge.

We also have another big exciting project in the works for those interested in learning more about the breed. We put out a poll not long ago on our FB page asking if you were interested in a new mentoring program and it seems as if you are! Stay tuned for this new project which is being developed right now.

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